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Make your bike smarter and your rides safer.

SmartHalo 2 empowers your ride, no matter where you're going. Off to work? SmartHalo 2 guides you through the city so you don't miss a moment. Out for a long ride? It integrates with Strava to keep you up to speed. Errands around town? SmartHalo 2 has a 100dB alarm to scare off pesky thieves! Discover the many more features to make your bike smarter and your rides safer.

Designed by cyclists, for cyclists; SmartHalo 2 is the all-in-one connected device that breathes life into your bike. 


Production #2 - Selling now! Estimated shipping October 2021.  

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Production #2 
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October Delivery

*All SmartHalo 2 units come with an Anti-theft Mount, HaloKey, Bar Spacers, Quarter Turn Adaptor, and charging cable — the Anti-theft Mounts (and other accessories) offered in our shop are additional accessories.

Why pre-order?

  • You’ll support a smaller business during these uncertain times — feel good and help sustain us!
  • SmartHalo 2 is selling fast! Secure your place in line to be sure to be amongst the first cyclists (so beside the crowdfunding backers) to bike with the new generation.
  • Get access to promos and updates! Cycling tips, exclusive promos and production updates will be delivered to you regularly until we ship SmartHalo 2 to you.   

When will I receive my pre-ordered SmartHalo 2?

Your SmartHalo 2 is expected to be delivered in October from the second manufacturing round.

That being said, we'll be honest with you: we are currently in production amidst COVID-19, which means that we are working hard on our end to make sure we deliver by our estimated date, but it's not only up to us. On the manufacturing end some delays can occur that we have very little control over. Also, we want to make sure you get the best version of the product possible, which means that we will test it until it meets all of our quality standards and that could impact the delivery date a little. We will keep you up to date on the production timelines as we go.

All-in-all, we hear you! You want your SmartHalo 2 as fast as possible and we want to make that happen. Keep up with us and we'll make sure to make your life easier and safer on the road.